The Childlanka annual day trip 2014 was a great success this year albeit the Great British weather! Which bought us rain on and of throughout the day... However in good Sri-Lankan and British spirit we strived on diligently. The singing entertainment of traditional singhala songs during the coach trip to Stratford definitely put everyone on board in good spirits.

All Childlanka members were able to thoroughly enjoy the day spent at Shakespeares village in Stratford -upon- Avon. Shakespeare village is a historical village dating back to the 15th century where Shakespeare himself spent his youth and went on to write some of the greatest literature masterpieces ever written. We were privileged to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare himself. Plus two other houses which belonged to the writers’ family members New Place /Nash House and Holcroft. We stopped stop for lunch onboard the coach due to the rain, everybody shared and enjoyed the pack lunches they had bought with them in true Srilankan style food.

Our last place of interest was to visit the resting place of William Shakespeare at the Holy Trinity Church a magnificent church most definitely fit for the resting place of such a great man. All members who visited were truly inspired by the grandeur off the place which most definitely left a lasting impression. To bring things to a close we had afternoon tea and group photographs by the canal side at Stratford -upon-Avon by this time the dark clouds had passed and we were able to enjoy once more a Great British summer evening.

A Lovely way to round up a successful Childlanka day trip 2014.

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