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Saunders Night - 28th March 09

Saunders football supporters club in UK organised the event Saunders night, its fund raising dinner dance in aid of Saunders youth academy Sri Lanka. The UK branch of Saunders football club has been active since 2003 and has undertaken a number of initiatives to uplift the standards of their club in Sri Lanka to promote the game in Sri Lanka. This event brought together the supporters of the club who live in UK and the event was used to raise funds towards supporting the projects for the youth back in Sri Lanka. The achievements of this great club were an inspiration to all other football clubs in Sri Lanka. The club has produced many players who represented Sri Lanka and abroad. The supporters club UK have great pleasure in performing a valuable social service. The evenings’ event was a great success and everyone gathered had a memorable night.

Bodhi Pooja - 28th of March 09

The Bodhi Puja Ceremony was organised by Sri Lankans and members of the organisation who are living in UK, was held at the Kingsbury Temple, UK to invoke Blessings for the ChildLanka Organisation Sri Lanka. Nearly one hundred members & well-wishers attended the event. The members distributed leaflets to those who were interested in joining the Organisation. The committee wish to thank everyone who attended this event. All the Profits of this event would be sent for the Educational needs of the injured/ deceased soldier's children in Sri Lanka.

Zahira OBA UK AGM - 22nd of March 09

Zahira OBA UK was held on 22nd March 2009. The event was organised by the old Zahirians in UK and was held at the Sri Lankan Restaurant ‘Lihiniya’ in London. Zahirians who live in UK enjoyed the evening of Sri Lankan food and the event was a great success.



Charity Dinner Dance Event - 21st of March 09


The Jana Suwaya UK raised awareness by organising an event to support Jana Suwaya's ongoing projects in Sri Lanka, which help to build and maintain educational and health centres and to expand the Sri Lanka based zero-interest microfinance scheme. This provides loans for Sri Lankan families living in poverty. Jana Suwaya was first established in Hambantota, a rural district which lies on the South East coast of Sri Lanka. Jana Suwaya UK was formed in March 2007 and the founder of Jana Suwaya - Sajith Premadasa, visited the UK in order to raise the profile of the scheme. Since its formation Jana Suwaya in the UK has raised funds through the donations of well-wishers by organsising several successful events. The Jana Suwaya UK hopes that the future will allow them to bring hope to the rural communities of Sri Lanka.

Special Anniversary Program in UK- 8th of March 09

A special Meditation program was held on Sunday the 8th of March 2009 to mark the 1st anniversary of the Mahamewnawa Meditation centre UK. Mahamevnawa is an organization of monasteries first established in Sri Lanka now has over 25 branches around the world. The program was organised by Sri Lankans and members of the meditation centre in UK. A large gathering of well-wishers and trustees attended the event. This religious event at Mahamevna Asapuwa UK was organised for spiritual development of human beings through the teachings of Buddha and the event was a great success.

Musical Evening by Sri Lankans in UK - 7th of March 09

Social Gathering and Musical event had been organised for the Building fund of East London Buddhist Cultural Centre, UK. Chief guests were Councillors Lakmini Sha, Jon knott, Ron Manley, Alec Kellaway and Marie Collier. The event started lighting the traditional Sri Lankan Oil Lamp by the guests and with the participation of a large gathering of Sri Lankans and other well-wishers in UK. The event was very successful and the music was by Sri Lankan band ‘Troy with Action’.  The dance floor was full of people and Sri Lankan food was served to the gathering. The event ended playing of the National Anthem of Sri Lanka.

Ask the IT Guru Event - 7th of March 09

The IT Guru event was held at the Sri Lanka High Commission in UK on 7th March 2009. The event has been organised by The Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK. The association was formed in 2004, with the aims of promoting unity and co-operation among the Sri Lankan professionals in the UK, projecting a more positive image of Sri Lankans in the UK and pooling their skills for mutual benefit of Sri Lanka. The Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK (“APSL UK”) has been holding practical workshops more than a year and this event was a practical workshop on IT/Computers reaching out to the Sri Lankan community in UK. Those who gathered on the day benefitted from the IT Guru event and the event was a great success.

Sri Lankan Valentine Dance - 14th of February 09

The biggest UK Sri Lankan valentines dance was held in Feltham on 14th of February with the participation of a large gathering of Sri Lankans living in UK. The event was filled with music and dance and all enjoyed the taste of Sri Lankan food.  This has been a very enjoyable event for all who attended.

Derana London Star - 13th of February 09

Derana London Star was a mega event and a reality talent search organised for the Sri Lankans living in UK. With the increasing demand received for the Derana Dream Star event conducted in Sri Lanka, the opportunity has extended to the Sri Lankans living in the UK and was initiated by Orlando Group UK, a dynamic Sri Lankan group of companies operating in the UK over the last decade. Derana London Star, which gave an opportunity to reach the Sri Lankans living in UK in search of having exceptional in singing among the UK Sri Lankans.  Derana London Star entire event was organized by Orlando group UK and Orlando Group UK has done a tremendous job in putting this competition together and it has been an extra ordinary experience for the Sri Lankan talent in the UK

Middlesex University UK Sri Lankan student society – 10th February 09
Sri Lankan student’s society of Middlesex University UK gathered at their first general meeting with the intention of knowing Sri Lankan students studying at the University of Middlesex – UK. Committee members were elected at the event, to represent the Sri Lakan society and everyone attended got to know each other and agreed to work together for the welfare of the Sri Lankan society of Middlesex University UK. The event was concluded hoping to meet up again
61st Independence Day of Sri Lanka celebrates in UK - 4th February 09

The High Commission of Sri Lanka celebrated the 61st Independence Day of Sri Lanka at the Sri Lanka High Commission in UK with the participation of a large gathering of Sri Lankans living in UK. Sri Lankan nationals of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds attended the event. The event started with the hoisting of the National Flag of Sri Lanka by His Excellency the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka for UK, Justice Nihal Jayasinghe and playing of the National Anthem. Multi-Religious Observances by Buddhist, Christian and Muslim Priests followed. The High Commissioner then addressing the gathering said that the independence of Sri Lanka was achieved 61 years ago and Sri Lanka gained independence from the UK in 1948. Traditional refreshments of Kiribath, Kevum, Hoppers and Thosai were served to the gathering at the event.

  Dharmaraja College Kandy OBA UK – 24th January 09  

OBA UK of Dharamaraja College Kandy Sri Lanka gathered for their annual general meeting. Dharmaraja College OBA in the UK has been functioning for more than two decades. The OBA UK has supported the College in Sri Lanka in many ways through financially and other forms of assistance. Over the years, the OBA has organised many social events, dinner dances, and get-togethers for members and their families, maintaining a good relationship with other Sri Lankan associations, societies and OBAs in the UK and take part in various events. This event held in January has been a great success with the participation of a large gathering of past pupils of the College living in the UK

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