Poson Maha Dansela - Heathrow Athula Dassana Buddhist Temple

Heathrow Athula Dassana Budhist Temple organised a grand dansala on 15th of June 2014, on Poson Poya day for the 3rd time.

Buddhist devotees along with friends were involved in and sponsored this traditional event as an act of generosity. This Dansela offered Rice & Curry, Kottu Roti, Rost Pan & Milk coffee and Ice Cream. The Ice Cream Dansela was sponsored by Mr. Damitha de Mel and Mr. Nuwan Paranamana sponsored the Rost Pan Dansela.

Over 1000 people attended the Dansela and appreciated the food prepared by Mrs. Iranganee Samarakoon and Mr. Vipula and devotees of the temple. The main part of the preparation of the free meal was carried out by the Sri Lankan community of the temple.

In the afternoon the children of the Dhamma School presented the ' Bakthi Gee' event which was organised by the teachers of the Dhamma school. And there was a beautiful structure of Mihinthalaya which highlighted the story of Mahindagamanaya.

The company of ' Black Coat Protection Service' gave help in controlling the traffic and keeping crowd control. This aided in a peaceful event.

In the evening, Ven. Wanduraba Kassapa, head of the temple conducted the Blessing Pooja for all who had given invaluable support in numerous ways for an extremely successful celebration.

The day was a great success, and all the visitors enjoyed the wonderful free food on offer.

Blessings to those who helped!

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