March 2014 - Charity work in Sri-Lanka by Athula Dassana Multi-Cultural Buddhist Community Centre

The 4th of March was the birthday of Dr.Kusuma Wijayatunga (DDS), the late beloved mother of Dr.Nishanie Bajramović (BDS). With the help and coordination of Ven.Wanduramba.Kassapa ( Chief Monk to the UK, and Head of The Heathrow Athula Dassana Buddhist Temple ) an alms giving was organised for the members of the Maha Sangha and a breakfast to all 274 inpatients and staff at the Victoria Home, Rajagiriya. The home houses patients of physical and mental disability. A Dhamma talk and Pirith chanting was carried out to bless all at the home.

The proceeds of our 2014 Food Festival held on the 1st of March 2014 raised approximately £1000. The main sponsor of this event was Lycafly. 

The funds were used to help 3 schools in Trincomalee.  On the 8th of March 2014, a small village (Gomarankadawala) which was heavily attacked during the SrI-Lankan civil war was the choice to help. With the coordination of Ven.Wanduramba.Kassapa, 3 schools - Pulikandikulama Vidyalaya, Kalyanipura Vidyalaya, Mailaweva Vidyala and Weera Kobbakaduwa Pera Pasala, with children's ages ranging from ages 4-18 were helped through donations. The donations consisted of materials for the children's school uniforms, stationary as well as a TV and video system so that the children can improve their technological interactive learning. All teachers were given Sarees and Suit material. 

The schools combined together and performed a music and a theatre production, which was watched with great appreciation by all who attended.

Dr.Nishanie Bajramović (BDS) also donated £1000 funds to rebuild the worshiping area and the surrounds to a beautiful large Bo tree in the Pulikandukulama school grounds. This was damaged by wild elephants. The local community carried out the project, and the funds were utilised to provided the raw materials. Yet again this was all possible due to Ven.Wanduramba.Kassapa's diligent coordinating work.

The Athula Dassana Multi-Cultural Buddhist Community Centre (ADMCBCC ) agreed to provide 8 scholarships to help with the education of the children until school graduation. The scholarships will provide school uniforms and stationary to each child so that they will have no difficulty in attending the school and achieve a good standard of education. We make clear that the child should have an excellent attendance record, practice their faith and be involved in extra-curricular activities.

One 16 year old male student was an amputee due to an accident incurred during agricultural work. The ADMCBCC is planning to provide an artificial limb, so that he may have a 'normal' life.

The village of Gomarankadawala which is overseen by Ven.Makandure Mahindasoma Thero needed funds to clear and grow crops in 20 acres of paddy fields. The harvest would inturn feed the community as well as fund a much needed water purification plant. On the advice and help of Ven.Wanduramba.Kassapa, Dr.Nishanie Bajramović(BDS) donated £1000. This was in aid to remember her late mother Dr.Kusuma Wijaytunga (DDS), who helped Sri-Lankans, immensely.

A visit to Kilinochchi was called upon on an invite from Businessman Mr.Tharin Constantine. A free Computer Education Centre was opened. 

ADMCBCC was greeted whole heartedly. We took part in the prize presentation for the graduating students, most of whom have been offered jobs in financial institutions as a result of their qualifications. Ven.Wanduramba.Kassapa was the guest of Honour as well as his delegates.

On the 16th of March 2014, we attended the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. We gave toothbrushes and toothpaste to all the children in the hospital and a ladies ward where Ven.Wanduramba.Kassapa's mother stayed before she passed away. All the donations were kindly given by devotees of our Heathrow Temple.

During the course of our visit to Sri-Lanka, we have been fortunate to receive more funds from devotees at our Buddhist Temple in Hounslow as well as patients from Estetica Dental Clinic ( Dr.Nishanie Bajramović (BDS) ) These will aid in further helping our rural children of Sri-Lanka, so that their future can be brighter.

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