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On 2nd October 2013, a charitable event took place at Sri-Rathana Jothi Vidyalaya, Akurugoda, Sri-Lanka. The event was organised by Venerable Wanduramba Kassapa Thero of ADMCBCC, Hounslow, United Kingdom.

The event was to commemorate 1st death Anniversary of Dr.Gunapali Kusuma Wijayatunga (BDS-Sri-Lanka), beloved mother of Dr.Nishanie Bajramović (BDS). The event was financially supported by Dr.Nishanie Bajramović (BDS). The organising of the event took approximately 3 weeks, and was coordinated by the Principle of the school Mr.P.G. Ananda

The purpose of the event was to help children of this rural school with books and materials for their school uniforms so they may be helped in their education. Saris and uniform were offered to all the staff members. ADMCBCC also provided two Scholarships to two children with financial difficulties of the school. Scholarship is to facilitate continuity of their education until they leave school.

The event took place entire day and ADIBT also provided building materials and school children and their parents gave their support in rebuilding the path to Budu geya. This road was washed away by the torrential rain in the previous months. 

All the teachers and the pupils of the school diligently participated in organising entertainment, which included traditional Sri-Lankan dancing, singing, poems. This was to create a wonderful magical setting for the event.

The day started at 10.30 am with arrival of 30 Sanghas from local and distant areas. They were offered Alms and Ata Pirikara. A transfer of merit was offered by the monks to Dr.G.K.Wijayatunga (BDS). Blessing were offered to all who participated.  

A wonderful feast was offered to all the school children and visitors to the event.

Staff, parents and pupils of the school appreciate continues effort of Ven. Wanduraba Kassapa thero in helping people in Sri Lanka.  The event was a great success, and proved that Ven.Kassapa is highly capable of intrinsic organising, and that the generosity of giving fulfils the extreme necessities of the rural schools of Sri-Lanka.

ADMCBCC is continue to help Sri Lankan in need with charitable help, and encourage all who are capable to donate to our worthy cause.

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